Friday, July 28, 2017

How to keep your Phalaenopsis Orchid Blooming for Months

I took a picture of these two Phalaenopsis orchids just the other day. They have bloomed from January to July this year. If they are given regular care those flowers will last! As long as the orchid bark does not dry out completely and they are in bright light but not full sun, you will be able to enjoy their blooms for many months.These are the instructions I use: 

               Care Instructions:
  • Because of the bark media that they grow in, I've found the best way to water orchids is, first put them in the sink. A good thorough soak will make sure they are evenly watered. Let the water drain for a few minutes. Watering this way makes a big difference.
  • You can also spray their leaves when you do this, keeping them clean and giving them some instant humidity. It's best to let them dry out about 1/2" from the top of the media before watering. I do prefer using touch rather than time to decide when plants are ready to be watered. 
  • If you keep the temperature in your house below 70°F (or 21°C) in the winter, you shouldn't have to be concerned about the humidity levels, although a daily mist would always be appreciated. If your house temperature is over 70°F (or 21°C )in the winter, and if you keep your air conditioning below 75°F (or 24°C), you may want to place your orchid on a tray with pebbles in it and keep water in the tray just to the top of the pebbles so that the plant is not sitting in water. The evaporating water and a daily mist will definitely help.
  • Fertilize them regularly, African violet food works well, as does a plant food specifically for orchids. You can use a specific orchid fertilizer or a general houseplant food, which works well, too.
  • Please click on comments, if you need any more information or have any questions about orchid care.  

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