Monday, March 16, 2015

The Vibrant Purple Passion plant

The small Purple Passion pictured here will eventually become a hanging basket with many full and lush purple vines extending from the pot. Long vines, too. This wild-looking plant is really quite harmless, despite it appearance. It has warm green, jagged-edged leaves highlighted with the warmest shade of purple hairs. Its leaves are quite fuzzy and fairly soft to the touch. It blooms with bright yellow flowers.

Maybe not everyone can appreciate the delightfully different tropical vine, botanically known as Gynura 'Sarmentosa, but if appeals to you, it will be a vibrant part of your home. It's easy to keep if you have a sunny window for it.

I saw this youngster Purple Passion plant at this great florist, which can send houseplants and floral arrangements almost anywhere in the world for you:
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Care instructions--
  • Some direct sun. Full afternoon sun is fine. The more light they receive the deepe the purple will appear in them.
  • Water thoroughly when the soil surface is good and dry on top. A plant in a 6" (15cm) diameter pot should be watered with about a pint (or almost a half liter) of water
  • A plant in an 8" (20cm) diameter pot or 10" (25cm) diameter hanging basket, will use about a quart of water, when necessary. 
  • It will wilt, if it dries out too much, but should recover well.
  • Regular fertilizing keeps them looking robust. 
  • If they are trimmed back from time to time, you will have a fuller, lusher looking plant. Cut a few of the vines back a little, just below where a leaf and the vine meet, and  remove any straggly vines, every few months.
  • Stem cuttings root very easily in water and can be planted in potting soil when the roots have grown to be about 2" long or longer.
  • They grow well in water or hydroponically, too. Refresh the water weekly. When you mix up some fertilizer for your other plants add a little of the fertilizer water to any container of plants that are growing in water.

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