Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to grow the odd and appealing braided Sansevieria cylindrica

It seems these days that quite a few new and unusual plants are popping up for sale. I was delightfully surprised to see this very interesting Sansevieria specimen on my last trip to the florist and it is bound to become a conversation piece!  I have seen several species of the very sturdy Sansevieria in my career but never this one.  It is called Sanseviera cylindrica or a "Spear Sansevieria" and it is aptly named as you can see.

You will have to continue to braid it as it grows but they are usually slow growers so it won't be needed to be done very often. These are easy keepers which can live with you for many years. 

The Spear Sansevieria can grow over 4 feet tall (1 1/2 m) and about an inch (3 cm)  thick. These natives of Southern tropical Africa may surprise you one day with pink flowers sprouting from the soil.

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Care Instructions---
  • Some direct sun is best or strong indirect light.  Most sansevieria are considered low light plants but this one should have more light. 
  • A plant in a 4" (10 cm) diameter pot (like the one pictured here) should dry out about 1/2" (1 1/4 cm) below the soil line before watering. Water it enough so that water comes through the bottom of the pot but don't let it sit in water very long.
  • Water  a plant in a 6"-8" (15-20 cm) diameter pot when the soil is dry about 1" (about 3 cm) below the soil line.
  • 6" (15 cm) diameter pots will take up to a pint of water and 8" (20 cm) pots will use about 1 quart (about 1 liter) of water when necessary
  • Fertilize regularly for best growth


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