Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to grow a Brassia orchid

This is my Brassia orchid.  I took it outside for the day and added some orchid mix to the pot, which sometimes is necessary, as orchid bark breaks down.  I've had it for a couple of  years and it has been in bloom more often than not.  

I thought it was an Oncidium orchid when I first saw one but their sensational flowers are a little different.  Their foliage is similar but if you compare them, you will notice that their pseudobulbs (the base of leaf growth)  have a longer and slimmer appearance than the Oncidiums.  

The Brassias are known as Spider Orchids because of the the very long "legs" on their flowers. To me, they look more like exquisite exotic dancers!  They give you a sense of what a wonder life can be.

These natives of Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela and other South American tropics bloom more often than most orchids indoors and are a great choice for someone who has not grown any orchids before.  They are one of the easiest of the orchid plants to keep in the house.

Care Instructions---

  • Bright indirect light; not much direct sun
  • Water when the soil feels dry about a 1/2" or so below the soil line for plants in 6" diameter pots.  Plants in larger containers should dry out a little more.
  • The very best way to water orchids is to place them in the sink and give them a thorough soak , then let the water drain out for a few minutes.  
  • A good misting when you water them is very helpful as they love humidity and that cleans any dust off the leaves.
  • Mist daily or provide humidity in some way if your environment is pretty dry.
  • Some good air circulation is helpful
  • Fertilize regularly with orchid food or regular plant food

***To see some short video clips from my 90's TV series,  click here:The Indoor Garden

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