Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to care for an Alocasia amazonica

I was so glad to see this robust Alocasia amazonica on my last visit to a great florist in McLean, Virginia. They have become quite popular lately. Plants become an enriching part of your life at home, so I'm glad to let you know that with the proper care, they will live with you for years.   

I do not know of a common name for this particular Alocasia.It is a hybrid of two other Alocasia species and has proven to be the easiest Alocasia to grow indoors. Two keys to its continued success are providing some humidity for it and having it planted in humus based potting soil. Generally, potting soil that appears very black in color, is humus-based.  

The exotic and tropical Alocasia genus of plants can naturally be found in Ceylon, Burma, the Philippines and Malaysia. As indoor plants, many species are best kept in greenhouses.

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Care Instructions---
  • Bright indirect light is best. An hour or so of direct morning sun or in the late afternoon should be fine for them.
  • Water when the top of the soil is quite dry for plants in pots 6" in diameter or smaller. In larger containers,  let the soil dry out about 1/2" or so below the soil line.
  • Plants in a 6" (15cm) diameter container will use about a pint of water when ready. 8" (20cm) diameter pots will use about  3-4 cups (3/4-1 liter) of water and 10" (25cm) diameter pots around 1.5 -2 quarts (about 1.5-2  liters). 
  • Use the larger amounts of water if the plant is in strong light or has dried out more than the recommended amount.
  • Provide humidity.  A daily mist of water may do it. 
  • Prefers warmer temperatures 
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