Thursday, May 22, 2014

Growing an Air plant

Tillandsia ionantha

While visiting at the talented florist where I used to work, I just had to admire this very attractive arrangement of two air plants. These small bromeliads are truly a wonder! 

In nature, they depend on moisture from the air and plentiful rain as it sets itself on a tree branch. In your home, they can be mounted on a piece of wood, as these are, or attached to a small moss ball and hung up. They will even sit in your kitchen window, by themselves, with no pot at all. 

The Tillandsia species are a group of smaller bromeliads and are easy to keep. The "Air plant" or "Sky plant" is very tolerant and a fascinating plant for a beginner. If it is well-cared for, the center of its silvery-green bristles will turn fiery red followed by small violet flowers!

You can naturally find the Tillandsia ionantha in the tropical America's forests from Southern Mexico to Nicaragua. Look towards the sky.


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Care Instructions---
  • Some direct sun is best. They can take full sun and will tolerate lower light for awhile but best to find a sunny window as a permanent place for them. 
  • Douse or soak them in water for a few minutes every few days.  They tolerate less moisture but will last and show much better with regular waterings.


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