Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Tolerant and Noble Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen

Living things can truly add to the peace and comfort of a home. Many folks may not have a lot of time to devote to plant care. Aglaonemas, which are commonly known as Chinese Evergreens, are a splendid choice to enliven your home. This one, Aglaonema 'Maria' has lived with me for several years and is in fairly low light so it grows slowly, but has done very well.

There is a solid green variety but most Chinese Evergreens have an attractive mottled coloring in their leaves. This gives them a rich, noble appearance.Some species have been named to reflect just that. 'Silver Queen', 'Silver King' and 'Augustifolium' are among the popular hybrids of the Aglaonema commutatum. A new hybrid seems to show up on the market every year or so.

They are among the easiest of plants to grow indoors. For anyone who is hesitant about their ability to keep a plant alive, the Aglaonema is a great one to help you begin developing your indoor horticultural skills. You can purchase Chinese Evergreens in larger or smaller containers but the larger the container the less often you will have to water them.   

These natives of tropical Asia have been a houseplant favorite for a long time.They are so easy to keep and make a beautiful statement wherever they are placed.

Care Instructions:
  • Chinese evergreens tolerate fairly low light but bright indirect light or right in front of a north-facing window is best. Some direct morning sun is good; full afternoon sun is too much. The leaves will fade in color with too much light.
  • Aglaonemas in 8" (20cm) diameter or smaller pots should be very dry on the top of soil or up to about 1" below the soil line before watering.
  • Water with up to a pint of water for 6" (15cm) diameter containers.Use about 1 quart of water for Aglaonemas in an 8" (20cm) diameter pot 
  • Plants in 10" (30cm) diameter containers or larger can dry out up to about 2" below the soil surface. Water with about 1-1/2 to 2 quarts for a chinese evergreen in a 10" (25cm) or 12" (30cm) diameter pot.
  • Plants in a 14" (35 cm) diameter pot should dry out about 1" or so below the soil surface, then water with about 1 gallon of water.
  • Fertilize regularly for best growth.
  • Dust or clean the leaves with water occasionally. The spring can be a great time to get houseplants outdoors for a gently washing. A shower in the bathtub works, too.
  • The stems root well in water.
  • The plant can also be divided by taking the plant out or the pot, and gently pulling apart and separating the root ball into two new plants.Repot each plant section into separate containers..

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