Monday, November 4, 2013

Wildcat orchid---Oncidium lanceanum x wildcat

This is the first orchid I ever bought. I've owned it for ten years and have divided it a couple of times, made new plants and gave them away. It's quite easy to do that and the newly made plants are usually a welcome addition to one of your friend's homes.

Orchids have had, in the past, a reputation as being among the more difficult plants to raise indoors. Some species do prefer a greenhouse but Oncidiums have turned out to be quite easy to keep in a normal home setting. The deep yet also vibrant colors of the wildcat's blooms add a zesty liveliness to your home. They lead your thoughts to a deep appreciation of the wonders of nature!  A magnificent sight!

This wildcat was hybridized from the Oncidium lanceanum species, a native of Trinidad, Guyana, Venezuela and Columbia. 

Care instructions:
  • Bright light is necessary but not too much direct sun.  Mine thrives in a north-facing window.  Some morning sun should be good for it but keep it a little ways from a very sunny southern or western exposure. 
  • Water as soon as the top of the orchid media feels dry. Watering correctly is crucial to the success of growing orchids.  It is best to water them in a sink where they can be thoroughly and evenly watered.  You can spray the leaves at the same time,  keeping them clean and providing some humidity.  
  • The oncidium adapts well to an indoor environment but you may want to mist daily if the air is dry in your home.
  • Fertilize regularly with orchid food or regular plant food. 

***To watch short video clips on plant care from my 90's TV series, click below:

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