Friday, November 1, 2013

My Aralia Balfouriana 'Alstro'

This was sold to me many years ago, as an Aralia balfouriana 'Alstro'. I have not seen one since then! This particular plant was patented and I suspect production was halted at some point. It a hybrid of the Aralia balfouriana and sometimes I do see other new hybrids on the market. Most Aralias sold on the market are botanically known as Polyscias.

I truly appreciate  the Aralia family. These lovely elegant, yet sturdy plants are a study in natural beauty. Their soft  and intricately shaped leaves and twisted, willowy branches are a pleasantly interesting sight. At best, plants, like the other living things around you are for you to enjoy and experience what really works for their happiness and yours.  

The Aralias will grow with you, through the years, into beautiful examples of the loveliness of life. They only require a minimum of effort. Even if they've been neglected for awhile and appear to decline they will grow back beautifully again, when they are given proper care.  The Aralias are one forgiving family of plants!

It is easy to succeed with Aralias and that will bolster your confidence in your ability to grow plants indoors. 
Care Instructions--
  • Watering is crucial to the success of growing aralias. They like a good, thorough soak when the top of the soil is dry. 
  • The Aralia pictured here gets 1/2 gallon or about 2 liters of water when the top of the soil is dry. It is in a 10" or 25 cm diameter pot.
  • Water enough so the water drains through a little, but don't let it sit with water in its saucer for very long. 
  • Keep your Aralia in very bright light. Some direct sun is best. Full afternoon sun may be too much.  
  • They can be pruned to shape. 
  • They do not mind being fairly root bound for long periods of time.
  • A gentle shower to clean the leaves from time to time either outdoors or in your bathtub is very helpful.  
  • Fertilize regularly.

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