Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Care for Hyacinth indoors

Everyone appreciates a "breath of spring". It's Easter week and many spring blooming plants will be available. I saw these pink hyacinths when I visited the florist, Flowers and Plants Etc.

Even a brief stop-in to a florist cheers me up! These sweet bloomers have the most heavenly fragrance that will lift the spirits of any room you temporarily have them in. When I've had them, I transfer them to the garden when their blooming is done indoors.They do return every spring!

You can send indoor plants and floral arrangements almost anywhere in the world from this florist: 

Care Instructions--
  • Some direct sun is best for keeping them as long as possible indoors. A sunny window is best and will provide some coolness.
  • Water thoroughly as soon as the top of the soil is dry.
  • A daily mist of water can only help but not crucial.
  • They will bloom the next year if planted in your garden shortly after blooming, or give to a gardening friend that can plant them in their yard, if you live in a zone that supports this bulb plant.


***To watch short video clips on plant care from my 90's TV series, click below:

  The Indoor Garden TV


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