Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to care for a calathea

I stopped by a  lovely florist, where I had worked for many years, and came upon these beautiful calathea specimens.  Dramatic and colorful they are!  Calatheas are fairly easy to keep looking lively and will add, at least, a splash of vibrancy to your home.   

A good florist can be a great resource for finding the latest plant specimens available,not just for gift giving, but for yourself as well.  This friendly florist called Flowers and Plants is in Mclean, Virginia. As well as being superb floral designers,  they always have a good selection of indoor plants available.  They will even try to find something you are looking for if it is not in stock.

will be displaying more of their plants soon with more good information about them.

These enchanting tropicals are native to the tropics of  Brazil and Peru.

  • Quick Care Instructions--
  • Preferably some direct sun although they should do very well right in front of a north-facing window.  Full afternoon sun may be too much. 
  •  Water thoroughly as soon as the top of the soil is dry.  They would appreciate some humidity.  A daily misting would be helpful. 
  •  Fertilize regularly.
They can be propagated by division.

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