Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to care for a Calathea

I stopped by a  lovely florist, where I had worked for many years, and came upon these beautiful Calathea specimens. Dramatic and colorful they are!  Calatheas are fairly easy to keep looking lively and will add, at least, a splash of vibrancy to your home. There are many different species in an array of colorings, available for sale, and they all have the same care.  

A good florist can be a great resource for finding the latest plant specimens available,not just for gift giving, but for yourself as well. This friendly florist called Flowers and Plants is in McLean, Virginia. You can order flowers or send plants almost anywhere in the world through this florist.


The enchanting Calathea is native to the tropics of Brazil and Peru.

Care Instructions---
  • Bright indirect light or some direct sun. Full afternoon sun is too much. Full morning sun or some late afternoon would be great.
  • Water thoroughly when the top of the soil is quite dry. A plant in an 8"(20 cm) diameter pot will use about 1 quart of water when necessary.
  • A Calathea plant in a 6" diameter pot will use about 1 pint of water, when necessary
  • It's best to water plants by checking the dryness of the soil rather than by a set time such as once a week.
  • They do appreciate some humidity so you may want to mist them daily with water although they adapt well to most home environments.
  •  Fertilize regularly
  • The Calathea can be propagated by division 
**See some short clips from my 90's TV series on YouTube:


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