Monday, October 1, 2012

How to grow a Snow Rose Bonsai plant

After working with plants for a long time,  I just had to try a bonsai plant.  They are fascinating to many and very appealing.  Yet they do need a lot of maintenance and good skills in order to keep them. 

A bonsai salesman came by the store I was working at, and I knew this was the one for me.  It is called a Snow Rose because it gets sweet rose-shaped white blooms.  It's horticultural name is Serissa fodida.  I've been delighted to live with it for the last 12 years.  It is a tropical plant and can live indoors all year round. I suspect this is one of the easiest bonsai plants to keep and would recommend it as a first attempt.  It does need regular pruning and has been repotted once.  

As appealing as they are, unless you are quite devoted,  the bonsai is not for a beginner.  It would be best to read a book or even take a class on these specialty plants before attempting to keep one for any length of time. It is best to purchase a bonsai from a garden center or other reputable plant retailer. I've seen many plants sold as a bonsai that really are not!  Many bonsai are outdoor plants and must stay outside most of the time. They will not do well for very long in the house. A tropical plant that has been cultivated as a bonsai is the right choice for indoors. It is best to get some expert advice before purchasing one!

Care Instructions--
  •  Most bonsai plants, like this snow rose, need direct sun indoors but best to check on the needs of the specific one that you have, when purchasing it.
  • Water as soon as the top of the soil is dry.  It is recommended that it be placed in a sink or container with water filled up to the top of the pot line. I use and old plastic mixing bowl that it fits into, just right. There it can absorb all the water it needs in about 15 minutes. 
  • They need to pruned regularly. 
  • When repotting, there is bonsai soil available on the market.  A root pruning should be done at that time.
  • Fertilize occasionally.
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