Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sansevierias, the snake plants

Sansevieria trifasciata

Sansevieria trifasciata "Hahnii"

I've had this stately Snake plant and the "Hahnii" for many years. When I first saw a snake plant it did not really attract me. After working with plants for a while, they grew on me. These plants are so easily maintained and such a bold statement of green strength, I could not help but learn to appreciate them. A Sansevieria will add life just about anywhere in your home that you would like to place it. If you are fortunate, it may even bloom with white spikes occasionally.

The  Sansevieria trifasciata, commonly known as the snake plant or mother-in-law tongue, is the sturdiest and easiest to grow of all the houseplants. This handsome succulent will tolerate the lowest light of any plant. You can grow it in just about any room that has a window. This robust African native would also be very satisfied to live in a bright light location with even some direct sun. Although it can stay in quite low light, after awhile its new growth may appear rather floppy. If that happens, it best to find a brighter spot for it at least for awhile.

Care Instructions-
  • Low light to some direct sun. Strong afternoon sun may bleach leaves.
  • Water thoroughly when dry about 1/2" (about 1.25 cm) below the soil surface for plants in 4-6"(10-15 cm) diameter pots.
  •  Water thoroughly when the soil is dry about 1"or so (2-1/2 cm) below the soil surface for 8"(20cm) diameter pots or larger.
  •  Fertilize regularly for best growth

**To see a variety of video clips on houseplant care, including the snake plant, from my 90's TV series, now on YouTube, click below:

The Indoor Garden TV show


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