Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time to bring Houseplants inside from the Outdoors

While your houseplants truly delight in getting a summer vacation outdoors, when the nighttime temperatures are dipping into the 40's it's time to bring them inside until next mid-spring. Most plants can tolerate temperatures down to freezing, but it's best to bring them in earlier so that the transition to inside temperatures is smoother. I've also found that flushing the soil with a very generous amount of water helps to prevent bringing in soil bugs. Be sure to place in them in the right light for your particular plant when returning them to indoors.


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  1. hello liz, i have a question. how do i keep my cat from eating my indoor plants now that i've brought them in? the pet store recommended boundry - foam in a can - but it smells awful and is killing my pointsettia. do you have an herbal method?