Friday, March 18, 2022

How to Grow the Psychedelic Rex Begonia


Rex begonia


One of the most stunningly colorful plants I have yet to encounter is the Rex begonia. Although it does not like too much direct sun, when sunlight hits the leaves,it, its iridescent colors are dazzling.  To those of us not used to living around such vivid plants, this species of begonia may appear to be something out of a science fiction novel.  This one lives in my living room and its wondrous colors brightens up the room; its colors are a delightful complement to the other colors in that room. It even blooms from time to time with a sweet light pink single-petaled flower.

The first Rex begonia to be cultivated was discovered by a botanist in 1856 in Assam, a north eastern state in India.  Since then, many, many hybrids have been produced. The one you see in  your nursery is a hybrid of the first one used for cultivation from India.

Care Instructions--

  • Prefers very bright indirect light. A north window is perfect. An few hours of direct sun is ok. Strong afternoon sun may be too much.
  • Water thoroughly as soon as the top is dry. 
  • Fertilize regularly. 
  • It likes a warm room with some humidity.  Misting daily is helpful, if your home is dry.  Placing pebbles in it's saucer and keeping it filled with water just below the bottom of the pot will also help provide some humidity as it evaporates.
  • Prefers temperate temperatures 

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