Sunday, November 27, 2016

Split Leaf Philodendron

I often stop by this great florist near me because they always have a good variety of healthy plants. I hadn't seen one of these for years! This was a favorite house plant for a long time and I do remember seeing more of these when I was growing up. Some houseplants seem to be more or less popular at different times.

The particular plant pictured here is a youngster and if you care for it well, it will produce larger leaves with more distinctive splits and become a magnificent specimen. It is commonly known as a split-leaf philodendron. It was often horticulturally known as Philodendron pertussum and I do recall using that name for it. Officially, it's true latin name is Monstera deliciosa. Philodendrons and Monsteras are close relatives in the Aroid family of tropical plants.

It does to need climb and is often sold with a tall piece of bark to cling to. You can find other things such as a thick branch or osmunda bark for it, but it must have something to grow up with.

The Split-Leaf Philodendron is a native of the South American tropics close to the equator. It's a great plant for a beginner that is interested in keeping a plant for a long time.   

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Care Instructions--- 
  • Bright indirect light or some direct sun. Full morning sun is good but only an hour or so of afternoon sun would be recommended. 
  • Water thoroughly when the top of the soil is very dry or up to 1" below the soil surface.  It's ok if it dries out up to an inch or 2" below the soil surface.
  • A plant in a 10" (25cm) diameter pot, like the one in this picture, could use up to 2 quarts (or almost 2 liters of water). Just 1 quart if its in very low light, unless it is wilting, the soak it. .
  • Fertilize regularly.
  • Clean the leaves occasionally. A feather duster works well as does an occasional shower with the garden hose or in the bathtub.

 ***For a variety of video clips on houseplant care from the 90's TV series,"The Indoor Garden" on YouTube, click below:

The Indoor Garden TV show


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