Monday, November 2, 2015

The Serene Sago Palm

This is an outstanding specimen of a Sago Palm, sitting regally, at Flowers and Plants Etc. Sago palms certainly deserve a lot of respect as plant elders. It is said that they have lived on earth since dinosaur times. Although not a true palm, they do have fronds that unfold and appear palm-like. Their fronds are a quite stiff and a deeply peaceful green.

Sago palms grow slowly, forming a trunk that could eventually reach 10 ft. or 3m high. that would take many years indoors. It will produce a few new fronds, all at one time, every year or so.
The Sago palm is a member of the Cycad family. The cycads are more closely related to conifers and like them, produce cones rather than flowers to propagate their species. The species shown here is Cycas revoluta and is native to So. Japan and Java.  

These are quite hardy houseplants and can also be used well as a patio plant or for a winter garden. They can survive temperatures as low as 15°F or -10C. Just don't forget to check and see if they need watering during the winter.
 Care Instructions---
  • Bright indirect light or direct morning sun is best.
  • Water when dry about 1" (about 2-3 cm) below the soil surface for plants in a 6" (15 cm) diameter pot  and 2" below the soil surface (5 cm) in an  8" (20 cm) diameter pot. 
  • A moisture meter for indoor plants is a great way to monitor the moisture level of your plants. Soil moisture meters for houseplants are available at garden centers and online.
  • They are tolerant of drying out more if you should forget.
  • Fertilize occasionally.

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