Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday after Easter

It's a couple of days after the glorious holiday, Easter, and Easter lilies still need a little sunshine indoors. After they are done blooming, you can plant them in your garden in a sunny spot, if you live in area where they can survive.

Fortunately, I do, and it's wonderful to see the fragrant trumpets blooming outside, heralding summer has arrived. The Lillium longiflorum will grow quite effortlessly outdoors and will return year after year since they are a bulb plant.

In the meantime, enjoy them for a week or so as they grace your home. And don't forget to smell the lilies. Heavenly!

Care Instructions--
  • Some direct sun will keep them the longest indoors. In or near a sunny window is best and will provide some coolness.
  • Water thoroughly as soon as the top of the soil is dry. They will last about a week or so inside. 
  • They will bloom the next year if planted in a sunny area of your garden shortly after blooming; or you can give it to a gardening friend who can plant it in their yard, if you live in a zone that supports this bulb plant.
***To watch short video clips on plant care from my 90's TV series, click below:
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