Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yellow leaves on a Houseplant

Plant that was too dry today
Raising plants is a devotion and you should develop a regular maintenance plan for watering them, in order to be successful. I have many and check them twice a week to see if they need water. I usually have to water a few of them when I do that.

What does it mean if you see several leaves turning bright yellow on your indoor plants? It usually means your watering habit needs some adjusting. Either the soil got too dry or has been sitting too wet for too long.  

Will recover well if watered a little more often

You will probably be able to determine which problem it is because you know your watering habits. Sometimes plants have needed a greater amount of water than you thought and may need a more thorough soak in the future.

Or they just may need watering more often. Or you may have put too much water in their pots when watering, and if you suspect overwatering, do check the saucer or dish your plant is sitting in to make sure there is no water in it. Or you many simply need to water them less often.

I have lots of specific advice for  watering each plant on this blog. If you don't see your plant on this blog, please feel free to ask a watering question in 'comments'. 

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