Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Grow the Hardy Spindle Palm

The other day, while visiting this beautiful florist, I saw this handsome Spindle Palm. I had never seen one before for use as indoor plant, but here it was. They are used as landscaping plants in south Florida and apparently are quite hardy when used indoors. Its sturdy trunk and peaceful fronds have a more rugged feel to them than many other palms that can adapt to living indoors.

I checked with a friend of mine who sells palm trees to beach property owners. He assured me that it was one of the hardiest palms he sold. Its botanical name is Hyophorbe verschaffeltii and is considered to be an endangered species due to land loss. Because it is in commercial cultivation they will not go extinct.

It's a slow grower so if you find the right place for it, the spindle palm could happily live there for many years. If you have a spot in your home or office that could use a touch of the tropics and have never tried to grow a palm, this one would be a good choice. If you live in a frost-free zone it would be happy to live in your yard.  

You can send a variety of plants or flowers almost anywhere from this great florist:

Care Instructions--
  • Bright indirect light or some direct sun. 
  • Water a plant in a 10" (25 cm) diameter or larger sized pot when it is quite dry on the soil surface or up to an inch or 2 (2.5-5 cm)  below the soil surface. 
  • Water with up to 2 quarts ( 2 liters of water) for a 10" (25 cm)diameter pot, and up to 1 gallon (almost 4 liters) of water for a plant in a 14"(35 cm) diameter pot, when necessary.
  • Use a lesser amount of water, if the plant is in a fairly low light area, unless the plant has dried out too much.  
  • Soil moisture meters are helpful for some and available at many garden centers and online
  • Fertilize regularly.
  • Dust the leaves when necessary
  • Some extra humidity would be appreciated.  A daily misting would be helpful.

***To see video clips on palm care and other houseplants, from my 90's TV series, click on:


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