Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I am in enchanting New Mexico gazing on this splendid Agave specimen. It is thriving outdoors.They can also thrive indoors. Many of the species are fairly large and can be used as a living showpiece indoors. They do to tend to be spiky in some way, so that should be considered, before deciding if this plant is right for your home.

An Agave in a 10" or larger pot is a great choice for a low maintenance plant because most likely, they will require water only about once a month, more or less. They can be a quiet and striking tribute to life, in your home, if you a sunny place for them. There are several smaller Agave species available as indoor plants. They are sturdy and fascinating to live with and good for beginning indoor horticulturists.

These succulent, often rosette-shaped succulents, are mainly Mexican natives. Their flower clusters spring up quite tall from their centers but are not very colorful. Surprisingly, the Agave is in the same family as the winter blooming Amaryllis! Its botanical family name is Amaryllidaceae.

Care Instructions---
  • Direct sun indoors. Full afternoon sun is great for it.
  • Water larger specimens in 8" (20 cm),diameter pots or larger when the plant is dry 2"-3" below the soil surface. It can tolerate drying out more.
  • Water thoroughly when ready but don't let them sit in water for more than a couple of hours.
  • Smaller specimens should be watered when the soil surface appears very dry.
  • If plants sit dry for too long they will start to shrivel up but usually recover well.
  • Moisture meters for indoor plants are especially helpful with succulents in larger containers. These meters for houseplants can be a wonderful tool,especially for spiny succulent plants!  They are available at many garden centers and online.
  • Fertilize occasionally.

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