Monday, April 28, 2014

The elegant Spinach Aralia

Today I spotted this lovely and elegant Spinach Aralia growing in my own living room.  It's a touch of living luxury that is easy to grow, if you have the right instructions, which I will pass on at the end.  It's deep green and curled leaves resemble spinach which is how it got its name. I've had it for several years and it is a slow grower but so interesting to watch as its trunk grows in twists and turns.  The light it is in will affect how it grows but it almost seems to make its own choices in positioning and twisting its branches, as it grows.  

Many of the Aralias available on the market are really of the genus Polyscias, like this one, and are tropical evergreens that naturally grow in New Caledonia, India, and Polynesia.  Horticulturists were surprised at first to discover how well they adapted to the indoors. I love their exotic beauty and how easy it is to keep them and own several species.   

Care Instructions---
  • Bright indirect light to some direct sun. Full afternoon sun may prove to be too strong.   Directly in front of a north or east facing window will work out well.
  • For all Aralias:  Water when the top of the soil is dry. They like a good soak but not to sit in water for long.
  • -- in a 6" (15 cm) diameter pot, water with 1 pint of water (almost 1/2 liter)
  • --in a 10"(25 cm) diameter pot will use about 2 quarts of water (or 2 liters) when necessary
  • -- in a 14" (35 cm) diameter pot, use 1 gallon of water (almost 4 liters)
  • Fertilize regularly for best growth.
  • Misting daily with water would be appreciated but is not necessary. 
  • Once in awhile clean the leaves in the shower or outdoors with a hose on gentle spray. You can mix up about a tsp. of mild dishwashing soap in a pint bottle and soap up the leaves first.  

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