Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Amazing Cyclamen

December 2017

This super cyclamen has bloomed almost continuously for over fifteen years! They aren't supposed to do that, but it has. I've been delighted to be its caretaker and have been amazed as it had continued to bloom throughout most of the year. It was a gift to my mother from a good friend of hers. I helped my mother take care of her plants and when she passed away, I inherited the plant.  

I credit its success to good watering techniques and ample light plus regular fertilizing. It was also much appreciated and admired which I am sure helps any living thing. 

Usually cyclamens require a dormancy period during the hot summer months, but this one  obviously did not seem to require that. It is always so interesting to me when living things appear to defy conventional rules. Maybe there is more for us to learn about what keeps things healthy and happy?

Care Instructions--

  • Some some direct sun. 
  • Water thoroughly when the top of the soil is dry.
  • It would appreciate some humidity so a daily misting is encouraged if your home tends to be dry. 
  • Fertilize regularly. Regular houseplant fertilizer or African violet food is good for it. 
They usually look like they are starting to die when the weather gets warm. Reduce the watering and put it in a dark, cool place for a few months. Water it lightly as needed, so that it does not become bone dry. Bring it out into light in the early fall and start watering it normally. 
    January 2017

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