Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summering your houseplants outdoors

Once the nighttime temperatures stay above 45 degrees it's ok to send your houseplants on a summer vacation. They love being outdoors when the conditions are right! Do be sure to place them in a mostly shady area. The light outdoors is so much stronger that indoors they can not take a lot of direct sun. If they are in too much sun it will scorch their leaves. They will dry out faster than they would in the house so keep an eye out for that. Hopefully the rain will help you out.

The late springtime is a great time to get them spruced them up. Now is the time to do any repotting necessary or add some potting soil to any plants that are showing roots. You can also give them a cleaning with a gentle spray from the garden hose. It's the easiest time to leech them which means drenching them with lots of water to cleanse the soil of built-up salts. They appreciate it!

Vines and plants that could use a pruning will benefit immensely from a good haircut and will become beautiful again. Fertilizing regularly during the summer will help ensure good healthy growth during this fastest growing phase of the year.

If your plant is placed inside of a decorative pot, it's better to leave the nicer pot indoors. If plants are left inside of them they can collect water at the bottom after a rain. If the excess water at the bottom of the decorative pot is not removed, your plants may rot. With a little extra attention in the spring, they will be grow beautifully throughout the summer with little effort on your part.


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