Monday, December 29, 2014

Watering houseplants during the Winter

I was reminded today of the changes to watering winter brings, when I checked my plants and only a few needing watering. It is most likely that during the wintertime your plants will need water less often. The shorter days with less sunlight will have your plants working closer to part-time. Most homes and offices will be cooler indoors than during the summertime so that fact will also slow down their water intake.

It is always best to check the dryness of the soil before watering!  I list the moisture requirements for each plant on this blog so you can check here if you aren't sure how moist or dry to keep your plant. It's wise to find out how much water they need too, and you may want to use a watering jug like the one pictured above to make sure your plant gets the right amount of water for it.

I prefer feeling the soil with your finger rather than just guessing. There are also soil moisture testing meters available for sale at garden centers, hardware stores and online.

One myth that needs to be dispelled is that watering plants once a week works. That is a hit or miss way to keep plants. They deserve better care.

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